Triptych: U.S. Virgin Island’s Festival Posters

The U.S. Virgin Islands has three major festivals each year. To capture the essence of these festivals, we hired illustrators Kozy-N-Dan.
To make them even cooler, we had them come together as a triptych.

The Full Triptych

Close up view of St. John Festival Poster

Copywriter/ACD: Joel Guidry

Recruitment Poster: U.S. Marine Corps 

Our objective was to create a graphic, iconic poster that touched upon the values of  millennials, while showing the wide
functional scope of the Marines. Ultimately we wanted to make something recruits would be excited to put on their wall.

Copywriter: Matt Convington


USVI Nice is a mentality. During this campaign I took some of the islands most impactful images and created  hand-drawn type.