Getting Girls Ahead of the Game On and Off the Pitch 

Every year the Manchester United football club walks young fans onto the pitch before a game. For 2017 Chevrolet chose to focus on aspiring young women from around the world. Each girl wore the iconic green Manchester United goalkeeper jersey with their future aspirations, or “Goal” on the back. (Full press release ). The week long event kicked off a year-long mentorship program where Chevrolet assisted all 11 girls in working towards their goal. 

Clio Awards:  Gold, Silver, Bronze (x3), Shortlist

11 GoalKeepers from Around the World

To see the campaign story, watch the case study. To see the meat of the campaign and  each girl’s story, please scroll down.

Event Week

Below are some of the programs that occured during the week leading up to the game.

GoalKeeper’s Personal Stories

Each of the 11 GoalKeepers were given a mentor to assist in their goal. Below are introductions for the
U.S. and Brazil groups and individual mentorship films that were released later in the year.

USA GoalKeepers

Maria’s Mentorship

South Korea’s GoalKeepers

Jaydan’s Mentorship

Brazil GoalKeepers 

China’s GoalKeepers

GoalKeepers Concept Introduction


To bring the predominantly male Manchester United fans into the discussion we created content directed towards fathers with #DadGame.

Copywriter: Victor Barrenechea