5G Gifts = 5G Face

Using a custom lens exclusively on Snapchat for one day, we showed the world exactly how people would react to getting 5G phones. The lens digitally manipulates the 42 muscles in your face—exaggerating the smiles, surprise, and joy people feel the first time they get a 5G gift from Verizon.
Shorty Awards Shortlist


Snap Ads

The week leading up to the launch of the Lens we seeded the idea of 5G Face with some Snap Ads, that also help push holiday sales.

Earned Media 

“5G Face” made its way through social media.

Lens Slider

We gave users a hint at how to best use our lens with the universal language of emoji. By sliding across, people could
morph their expressions between happiness, wonder and surprise, giving them plenty of 5G Faces to play with.

The center images shows the slider UI, whie the rest of the images shows the branded videos people shared on social media.

Copywriter: Andrew Bernstein
Copywriter: Roger Feely-Lussier